Water rats

This was a weekend all about the beach and the water. It started with a morning run along the beach, the gentle sun warming my face whilst a soft breeze helped create a fetching wurzle gummage hairstyle. 

Next step was off to buy my first surf board from no other than…Costco! This was in fact my first outing to the bulk purchase heaven that is Costco. We went in for two surfboards. We came out with 2 surfboards, a yoga mat, popcorn, what is referred to as a handle of tanqueray gin, which is a two litre bottle which in this case literally has a handle – like a flaggon of Gin!, a roast chicken, some sweat pants, a decades supply of toilet roll and 250 plastic cups. The biggest challenge as it happens was fitting ourselves back into the car after all the purchasing as you can see from today’s picture!

Onward from here we headed to the wetsuit purchasing spot and engaged in a healthy workout of wetsuit ‘trying on’. Turns out trying such items on in a heated building is majorly sweat inducing as we both finally stood vacuum packed into our James Bond style seal suits with sweat trickling down our foreheads. I thought to myself how lucky it was we picked the right sizes and were purchasing, since how gross it would be for the next person to try on my suit. Then I thought that probably many others had already enjoyed a mini sauna in my suit and at that point felt sick and moved my thoughts elsewhere!

Random adventures continued last night in the form of Karaoke in what appeared from the outside to be a seedy massage joint, but in fact the private rooms housed singing machines instead. Good company of old and new friends and four hours of singing can only be a good thing, especially as the night drew on and the contents of a drink spillage somehow ended up flying into my eye. Always a sign of a good night. 

Perfect cure for crazy nights are early mornings in the ocean as I hit the surf at 8am. Such a treat. For anyone in the know I actually dropped into my first wave ever – it was super amazing and I managed to stay up and ride it all the way in. Now that i am starting to feel what it should feel like it’s getting easier to recreate it and I am totally hooked. Still plenty of time in the ocean though, don’t you worry!  I was repeatedly twisted around like a jumper in a washing machine, got a full on smack in the face by a giant wave and indeed one classic moment was managing to get up, for some reason stared down and it all happened slowly enough for me to think to myself ‘oh I shouldn’t be doing this I’m going to face plant’ which I duly did. 

Having got home and made some insanely tasty Lemon and Cardamon pancakes from the Deliciously Ella app. It was then off to meet the girls for some Paddle boarding. We had a nice relaxing hour paddling out around Marina Del Rey where it’s always a joy to see the local Seals lazing around sunning themselves, whilst trying to avoid falling in when the wake of rather large yachts challenge my balance on the board.  The one yacht we saw was more like a 5 star hotel on water, complete with its own helicopter on the front. 

Final outing of the day was grabbing a healthy lunch at Lemonade on Abbot Kinney. The most amazing salad bar I have been too. Got a bit carried away and bought $21 of salad which was probably enough to feed a family but at least I have evening meals for the next few days!

Back home I did my domestic goddess routine, I cooked up a chili base to freeze, baked my first pumpkin pie and prepped to make some homemade cashew cheese tomorrow. Fear not though good people, I have not become a domestic goddess I am still a complete tit; because whilst smugly pulling all this together there was a sudden explosion and shrapnel flew across the room (annoyingly into some of the food too). You see you really shouldn’t leave glass on top of a burning gas hob! 

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