Surfs up

So tomorrow the magic happens; I’m off to buy a surf board. The wonderful chaps in this picture are the instructors at the surf school I go to. No idea what inspired me to start surfing but I love it šŸ˜œ. 

If any of you do come to LA you must go to Kapowui surf school on Venice beach – super great team of instructors, great fun and they will have you standing up on your board in the first lesson! 

Truly I couldn’t come to California and not try out the surf life; for me it sums up the whole atmosphere of what is great about LA.  The freedom, the fun, being knocked over and bashed around in the surf a bit (that’s more metaphorical comment than a suggestion that if you come to LA someone will bash you) and an overall really laid back vibe, which i did not expect in La La land.  That said I am in Venice so maybe it sums up the vibes of the beach communities more than Hollywood areas but I’m in the best area anyway! 

During winter you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. Never has such an urban place also been so well situated for an outdoor life. This weekend I’m surfing and paddle boarding and hiking. Later in January we are due to hit Big Bear for some skiing and then there’s horse riding through the hills too. 
Don’t be thinking the ocean here is warm though because it’s not! After the weekend I can fill you in on my surfing šŸ„ exploits, paddles boards – maybe even paddle board yoga (otherwise known as a dip in the ocean for me) as well as the mani pedis and karaoke that come in between. 

Good times people good times! 

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