I find myself sat in one of my favorite London cafe’s (L’Eto – it’s amazing for breakfast, salads, unusual hot drinks (I’m currently drinking a lavender latte although they do normal coffees and tea’s super well too!) and AMAZING cake – try it! Given that it’s New Years Eve I’m contemplating the year that has been and the year that was.

In terms of making any resolutions I am resolutely avoiding this. Given that on my move to La La Land I committed to posting on this blog once per week, which i have failed dismally at, you should not be surprised at this. I am however, going to continue with a year of writing. I am going to write to people more. I think the most popular thing I’ve done since departing is the sending of various unexpected postcards to brighten people’s days. This is the writing I wish to really take forward. So if you are in the game of a nice surprise do make sure I have your address and who knows. What I ask is that anyone who has a letter does not throw it away – either keep it or hold on until you see me and hand it back. Why you crazy bitch I hear you ask? And the answer is… I’m not quite sure yet. 

Back to 2016 for a mo. Well I’m still hopelessly close to turning into Bridget Jones’ older sister, my pants are even growing in size accordingly! I have expanded my network of amazing people in my life and hopefully strengthened the ties with those I’ve known longer as we see we can survive life on opposite continents and still be as if never apart. I have lived in America, done ok there and am enjoying the experience and the people. So much so that I’ll be spending this NYE with one of my American LA friends in London before flying back to LA together on the 1st of 2017.

2017 will be in part the year of travel as I get around as much of America as I possibly can to ensure I maximize the opportunity for adventure that this life brings. Here’s hoping it brings fresh inspiration for new items of hilarity to add to this blog and make us all smile. 

Happy New Year y’all! X

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