Last week I celebrated my first Thanksgiving in America or indeed anywhere. As with many things it didn’t go quite to original plan yet turned out mighty fine all the same.

A few days ahead of the day itself my plans fell through, although I still had adventures planned in Palm Springs for the weekend.  Turned out plans fell through for a friend and at same time for her friends next door neighbour. With 3 people suddenly at a loose end we decided to join forces.

Two evenings and several excessive food shopping trips later Episode 1 of our Thanksgiving was well under way. 

We descended upon the flat of the friends friend whom I’d never met before, so to break the ice I offered a small calendar of pictures of dogs underwater (if you’ve not seen this you’ve not lived – look it up and laugh), to opt for alcohol or flowers simply feels too last season for a Brit in LA. 

The evening progressed so well that by 11.30pm my friend was asleep on the floor whilst my new friend introduced me to the joys (pains) of self acupuncture by lying on a mat of pins.  As if that weren’t enough they took to beating me with a massage pad at the same time. My laughter at the thought of this scene was so uncontrollable I then had a pillow stuffed over my head, which of course only made it worse. In the end with a most holey of backs we had to move on. Move on to taking random pictures utilizing the sleeping body of our friend as a mannequin in the shots of course.

Eventually after several rounds of various board games intended for 4 people or more played by two of us utilizing each of our other personalities, it was time for bed. So I rudely scooped up my friend so that she and I could nick the bed and leave our new friend to spend the night on the living room floor. Given their fondness for sleeping on pins my theory was they’d be ok with a carpeted floor.

Next morning as we congratulate ourselves on completion of Episode 1-3 of our grand adventure  a new idea struck. Why doesn’t everyone come to Palm Springs with me. Thus from there our new adventure began.

We checked the two of us into my hotel room and snuck the third in afterwards before embarking on much needed nap time. 

Through the course of our random weekend thrown together we swam on flamingo’s in the pool, some people fell asleep in the pool (not such a great move), near on caught frost bite riding through Black Rock Canyon,west of the Joshua Tree national park, whilst getting rained on at the same time. Some of us gate crashed a fashion shoot by a pool, consumed a lot of greens (way more greens than alcohol you may be impressed to hear) gained a far more intimate knowledge of each other’s ‘movements’ than one might have hoped or expected (and shared this with others) and most surprisingly but wonderfully of all did not kill, nor wish to kill each other. Not bad for strangers thrown together for four days solidly in each other’s company.

And thus as we progressed through to Episode 7 of our random sitcom we renamed Thanksgiving Randomgiving, due to the random nature of us being brought together for the holiday and also some of the more random activities that followed. Episode 8 will be a cliffhanger but we’re not there yet…

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