Chicago and the rugby 

This weekend I had a fabulous time in Chicago watching the All Blacks v Ireland. Joining the city for a moment in history when the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, following a curse that had been placed on them by a goat and catching up with various friends and making new ones! 

The weekend started with a nice evening of dancing in a bar in Elmshurt where the most shocking moment was when a guy said he was going to do a round of prank shots. Prepping myself for the worst I was confused to find myself downing a shot of water. Different. 

Saturday was a relaxed affair up to Rugby kick off yet I found myself getting quite irate come kick off to find the stadium still pretty damned empty. That was until I realized my watch was still set to NYC time and I’d turned up an hour early. Cider anyone? 

My seats were magnificent only 5 rows back and my Kiwi personal trainer buddy and his buddy came along to meet the sad English Billy no mates. We had a blast and hit the delights of the Redhead Piano bar later that night, where rather than not allow us in for our trainer footwear they welcomed us in and provided us with shoes that aged people of questionable style might wear. Suits you sir. Plenty of fun singing the night away. 

Sunday was a more painful affair following a late night/ early morning involving unexpected crashing at a friends hotel and little sleep and a hangover. I did however manage the architectural boat tour of Chicago which genuinely is a must even though at one point I did nod off and catch some flies. 

Once at the airport for my return to LA I was a broken woman. I was being stalked persistently by a number from Massachusetts which in the end I answered just to try get some peace. A lady called Alex tried to convince me I was Jules and that I knew her. When finally she accepted that despite my confused voice I really did know who I am we hung up. Thirty seconds later a text. ‘Hey Jules I just rang you on this number and and English accented woman called Emma answered. So odd.

I replied ‘ yes this is still the English accented Emma that answered the call when you rang this number, I’ve not changed’. So at least I was not alone in my struggles this day and feel maybe I had more justification for ridiculousness! 
On that note and with my flight boarding shortly I am off! 

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