Tough Times

I’ve avoided writing anything to date of the emotional/ travel challenges of my adventure since I don’t wish anyone to worry nor feel sorry for me, since this remains an epic opportunity full of many things to see, do and experience.

With two trips back to the UK within the last six weeks, travel to San Francisco on arrival back and being off to NYC in a few days the emotional derangement is as strong as ever.

It appears super glamorous flying all over the place yet the reality is i spend little time in my own appartment, struggle to keep pace with my friends in America and am highly distanced from my family and friends in the UK, whilst generally finding myself sat for long periods of time in a confined space with unknown people with a penchant for strange noises. Mix this up with jet lag and you’ve got a girl on the edge. A variety of the deranged things I have done in the past week are: pour a cup of tea then pour the required milk into the cup next to my tea cup, lock myself out of my apartment, waste time driving toward Malibu as opposed to picking up my work colleague from down the road (I still have no idea where I thought I was going) and generally acting as so much of a zombie in one of our stores that a colleague was genuinely concerned about my mental welfare.

When one is this tired it is so easy to be overly emotional and yes I miss everyone terribly and sometimes I do wonder what I’m doing all the way over here. That said I take great amusement out of the ridiculousness this creates in me and feel in this I add a certain of the Bridget Jones to dearest LA – the city that took acid and never came down from it. 

LA eats you up without you realizing, which may be why so many people come and go so frequently and no doubt this fuels the fire for the next wrung of La La’s creations. Certainly not a city for the faint hearted. 

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