So much to see so little memory

This evening I decided to go back through my Facebook pictures of my adventures from my first six months in America. Whilst I berate myself on a weekly basis that I’m not getting out and making enough of viewing this country during my time here I busily forget all that I have done!!

I have had some great adventures already -Universal Studios blew my mind, Portland reminded me maybe I’m not yet weird enough (but I definitely need to go back for longer to check this out), the beach near my apartment is just amazing and can not be taking for granted as a wonder in itself, hiking in the Hollywood hills, gazing out over the sprawling mass of LA from the Griffith Observatory both during the day and at night, theatre deep in the wooded landscapes of Topanga canyon, cycling down the coastal route from Venice to Manhattan Beach, ocean front BBQ’s, getting locked up in the Old LA zoo or indeed being spooked by ghouls visiting the same; the list goes on.

Whilst I’m not about to lose the push to get my ass out and about more, I must try and find a way to maintain memory of the great things I have done and not simply create a tick list of achievement. A witches memory spell as seen frequently on my favorite programme of the moment ‘Once Upon a Time’ would be just the ticket. Yet keeping the experience at the heart of it all so it can be re-lived is the real key. 

 I’ve been out and about less and rather quiet of late on the writing front, largely because work has been insanely busy and in remembering all I need so as to keep my job, it’s somewhat difficult remembering the other stuff. Lots of dreams about walking out the door and realizing I failed to get dress that sort of thing and accidentally pouring lemonade into my tea – then again over here they just call that an Arnold Palmer.
In terms of memory capture I’ll especially be seeking to re-live the warm up element of the All Blacks rugby line up in a few weeks time in Chicago and a little more effort to remember not to injure myself and end up out of action for a month. Too many adventures to be had! 

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