Memory and word loss

Hi all, aware I’ve been quiet on the updates.  This is because it has been ludicrously busy with lots of traveling and quite frankly it has wiped my brain of anything interesting to say. I guess it’s what they call writers block.

On several occasions in the last few weeks I’ve sat down with the intention to write but can muster no inspiration.  Then I realized why not just tell you exactly that! What fun.

And I still can’t think of anything. This is like some slightly deranged brain dump that I’m hoping might lead to pure genius but i fear it’s not to be.

I did go to a comedy club last night. Not something I have done much in the past but this one ‘Westside Comedy’ in Santa Monica puts on such good acts I’m going to have to go back.  Should any of you kindly folk ever visit you just remind me to take you there because it was so funny I nearly pee’d myself and fell off my chair all at once! 

On a rather more cultural note this evening I am off to watch an outdoor performance of ‘A midsummer Nights Dream’ at the Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon.  Trying to fit in plenty of new things before jetting back for a short visit and a wedding in good old blighty. 

Following a most disappointing attempt at having afternoon tea in the highly recommended Tea Rooms at Huntington Gardens (it was a buffet, a bloody buffet – where’s the China tea pot and exquisitely layered cake stand of delights delivered to my table!!!) I am looking forward to a proper afternoon tea in England. 

That said the search for afternoon tea in California wasn’t an entire loss. My search set me up with my next visit spot which sounds rather appealing. 

 The Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, again highly recommended, had three specific times for sittings each weekend day and always books up in advance.  I’ve looked on their website and it looks like quite the quaint tea shop. The reason for my keenness (is that a word?) to visit goes beyond this though. 

This weekend I phoned up following my disappointment of the Tea Rooms at Huntington (the gardens themselves are superb!) to see if they had room for a small one. The chap explained that they had an off site event that day so weren’t doing the teas and apologized.  He then asked who he was speaking to as if he may actually know more or indeed I might actually be the queen, which seemed somewhat odd, yet i explained it was I Emma of England. By this point I was now aware of his own English accent and was overjoyed at the homeliness of hearing him say, ‘come on over anyway, I’ll always have a brew on!’

 I thanked him but explained I hadn’t yet had lunch and at nearly 4pm, food was rather urgent both for myself and the safety of anyone in too close a proximity to my hanger. To which he offered a shortbread. I explained unfortunately I simply needed something more substantial on this occasion to which he said ‘of course but do come by again, I’ve always got the kettle on for a good old cuppa and you’d be welcome to swing by’. 

And you know what, I think I just might! 
Ps the picture is the best chandelier I have ever seen and one day it or very similar will be mine! 

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