The Entertainment Industry

Deceivingly I am not here referring to the large scale industry on which the city in which I live is pretty much built. Rather I refer to a more grass roots day to day entertainment industry whereby we as individuals intentionally and unintentionally provide light to each other’s lives. 

In LA many people going about their daily lives make me smile much as many did back in the UK, however the delivery style as a rule quite different from what I experienced in more rural England.

Some of my favorite people in LA are the dancing people and there are so many of them. One of my most memorable incidents was at my gym. There’s a guy there who I often see on the boxing bags, he’s good and he’s scary. Always dressed head to toe in black and grey with a cap on and a hoody pulled low over his cap, when he’s battering the boxing bag it’s a menacing site. The other day I was on a treadmill directly behind him on his treadmill. Again very covered up, hood and head low he had his on an insanely steep gradient and was doing a steady walk uphill.  Suddenly from nowhere he breaks into dance on the treadmill. I don’t even know how he didn’t fly off. It wasn’t just an arm dance it was leg movements too. That alone made an early visit to the gym worth it for the joy it gave my day. This is not something to be tried at home though people, I fear he had been practicing for some time.  

Street dancers are rife. I’ve experienced the rain dancing couple on my street enjoying one of maybe two light sprinkles of rain we’ve enjoyed since I’ve been here. Now I know it’s hard to appreciate from the UK, however I whole heartedly took in their rain appreciation moment as here it is so rare yet so needed. That said I’d like to think some of you in the UK may take this inspiration to try and turn th table of rain hatred into something more positive. I commit that should I remember, I will rain dance next time I’m home and it rains.

I’ve seen numerous examples of people using the time at traffic lights to dance to their souls delight only to turn gravely serious in time to watch the road.  The passion of the dancing people of LA is certainly what brings my greatest delights.  

There was of course also the time an American I was introduced to told me about their greatest friends being from England, especially their best friend he was born in England, yes precisely in Germany. I’m not sure that was amusement as much as exasperation though.

Then I compare to memorable moments of hilarity in the UK.  One classic retold to me was of a dear friend out horse riding with another dear friend. Walking along her horse jumping around a bit ‘hey guys can we stop I think my pashmina might be scaring the horse’.  Nowhere I am certain, nowhere else, could I have heard this and it was not said in jest which is why my dearest of friends is just so, a dear friend. It also sums up a key difference between the entertainment industry of the two nations.  In the UK the humour is at its best when at its most subtle whereas in America everything is much more explicit.

Surely of course the joy I have is the ability to experience both and I am beyond excited to get home in September for a magnitude of subtle hilarity!! 

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