Dreams come true

What a wonderful weekend I’ve just had.  Wherever we live after a certain amount of time rushing around living our lives it’s easy to forget how lucky we are or to fail to take in the beauty and offerings of our surroundings.  This weekend I was truly reminded how lucky I am to have this opportunity to live in Los Angeles.

Saturday was a beach day. I went with a friend up to Malibu where we whiled away the morning on a somewhat secluded beach watching the surfers. This visit also provided opportunity to get up close with nature. I made friends with a nice female duck who took to hanging out by my beach towel, pecked my hands and on turning around even gave me a cheeky peck on the bum cheek – how rude.  Furthermore, however I conducted a vital operation to save the life of a Sea Cucumber that had been swept ashore.

I had seen two guys poking around at something near the waters edge and taking pictures and walk off. My curiosity took over and I was horrified to see this poor living thing (I wasn’t sure what it was quite frankly it was just a blackish colored blob that appeared to be breathing) stranded ashore and clearly needing to be in the sea. Being unsure of these things I accosted some passing surf dudes and asked for their assistance. Luckily they were equally pro life saving of marine wildlife and one of them kindly got the cucumber (at this point now named Chris) and swam him out into the sea.  Mission accomplished and a life saved.  

After all that work we needed a break. So we grabbed a coffee and decided to head to Venice and hit the surf ourselves! This was to be my first surf experience and whilst it started ok soon the waves were way above beginner height and we spent the next hour or so wave diving and swimming and generally lapping up the delights of a life by the sea.  As the weather cooled and the sea breeze picked up we finally took the short walk home.  

The short walk home from the white surf of Venice beach. Whoever thought I’d be saying that.

Sunday however I was able to partake in a quite delight that LA has to offer. Far from nature this place is a feat of technology and man made creation – Universal Studio’s.  How could anyone go here and not want to go into film? You can’t even call the attractions at these theme parks rides anymore – they are so much more. It’s like living another reality for a few moments of your life. They are all consuming hitting every sense in your body.  Long standing dreams come to life as I along with so many others finally got to ride alongside Harry Potter. Dashing through the skies around Hogwarts, darting out of the harmful swoop of dementors and other magical creatures and whipping around the quidditch pitch. 

There was so much to see, more than the eyes alone can take in. I can’t speak highly of it enough. 

So yes. I have one hell of a good life here. As my colleague said. Yes you work hard and you travel a lot but when you do make it home you’ve got it all and it’s amazing.  So I’m now off to practice my acting skills ready for my big break but not before I invent the broomstick that can truly make that flight a reality!!


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