Danger danger

First of all fear not, I am fully aware of the irony of having been brave enough to tell my friends and family about my blogging, to promise a Friday update and then to fail to post any such blog any Friday since then. Way to keep people interested Emma. I believe I did warn all about my forgetfulness but fully acknowledge that to forget to write is to fail to preserve the memory or add interest. I have suitably chastised myself and now we shall move on.

Yesterday I took my first horse riding experience in America up in Topanga Canyon.  This in itself despite the fact that it can be a dangerous sport is of no relevance to this piece. The item that got my mind a wandering onto the fraught dangers of life in Cali was the wonderful sign (which I duly forgot to take a picture of but will seek to add at a later date for your perusal), advising me of the fact I was entering a high danger zone for Forest fires and to take extreme caution.

Of the many things I did contemplate in making my decision to move ‘danger’, was not one of them. Had the offer been for a job in Australia then indeed, the countries reputation for having the most creatures capable of killing you (that is not a bona fide fact but something I have heard and seems pretty plausible) would have been a cause to ponder. It seems, however, that California harbours its own unique array of reasons to watch out. 

Starting of course with environmental threats we have the aforementioned wild fires, one such inferno ran havoc across the San Gabriel area of Los Angeles area recently taking out approximately 4,900 acres; although aside from when horse riding this is less of a direct concern for me given that I live by the sea. What I do also need to consider though are earthquakes and it turns out, when planning precautions, there is plenty to think about.  These days I have a neatly packed ‘earthquake kit’ stowed under my life saving desk. So in the event that my roof caves in I will be quietly packed away in my wooden pocket with approximately 15 days of rations, medical kit, tin foil blanket and whistles and lights to gain attention.   I of course when buying my household furniture had not realised my desk/ table could be used as my hideaway zone in such circumstances. I therefore find myself with a very narrow affair from IKEA. Whereas had I known of its most important of potential uses in advance, I may have gone for something somewhat more substantial, to save me felling like a sardine in a tin – and that’s without any falling debris. 

I was far more horrified to find out that this sunny state harbours far more sinister things. Namely black widow spiders and the brown recluse which as the name suggests is adept hiding away which is both a blessing and potential curse, should they choose to leap out and take you by surprise. Which leads me on nicely to the fact that I am informed, whilst not poisonous, there are also spiders that jump!! If that were to confront me, poison or not, it would give me a near death experience.

Further afield (or ahill) there are yet more dangers when out hiking; the rattle snake and even Mountain Lions. Although you might consider yourself privileged to be approached by the latter since by all accounts they are very rarely seen. 

So all in all I feel a little duped regarding laid back sunny California, that it’s branding in the world gilds over a somewhat more sinister side to this wonderful states existence. 
And on that note I’m off to conduct spider check of the bedroom before climbing into my small bed, under the desk with my earthquake pack as pillow and fire extinguisher for cuddles. 

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  1. Being a writer could be your next career move Em! Loving your insight into LA life, stay safe, sounds dangerous there! Pen xx


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