Sock it to me

In this week of much tension and concern back in good old Blighty I feel a little light hearted review of some American style is in order.  I say light hearted and indeed for you it may be so, yet for me it is the cause of much angst or more to the point insane irrational anger.

I refer of course to the seemingly very American, indeed mostly American male, sartorial choice to wear ankle or worse still mid-calf socks, pulled pristinely straight up the leg. WTF is this about? Whilst there were some claims more recently via Vogue that socks with sandals were now a thing, believe me they were not referring to this execution of the look. I can not fathom who thinks it looks good to head out for the day in some attempt to look like a cross between a Victorian school child and a bed ridden hospital patient with compression socks. The ‘highlight’ of this painful style choice can be none other than when it is sported along with a good old ‘pool slider’ – seriously what were you thinking??

Now I am very aware that the extent to which this makes me really fucking angry is not a rational response, but the fact remains it infuriates beyond belief and not only me – it infuriates all Brits (and Kiwi’s) that I have met. 

What made me personally even angrier is that whilst (on the West Coast at least) this fashion faux pas appears to be an endemic problem in society, when I googled various options to find some imagery to demonstrate the offending style choice, it was near on impossible to find anything; yet I am faced with this annoyance every time I leave me door.  Admittedly I could just head down the street taking pictures of people. Somehow, however, that felt quite wrong and I was afraid of the result of any interaction should someone ask why it was I was taking such photos – a hatred of sock fashion would be a pretty poor reason to get to deported and i imagine of much annoyance to my employers.
What I did find which allows us to take a slight return to the important and more intellectual realities of the current political situation in Britain, was that none other than Mr Jeremy Corbyn appears quite frequently sporting this fashion and on that note I shall leave you. 

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  1. I can imagine you chasing after me (Polaroid evidence in hand) and informing me of my faux-pas as I take Dougal for a walk first thing in the morning, for I too am West Coast Cool


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