Favourite views

As I was enjoying the experience of having my first visitor to my new abode, it struck me one day as I was showing the sights of my new area, that there was one view which is my favourite by far since I arrived.  This view is found as you cross over the top of the mild undulation on Rose avenue passing over Pacific and the white sands, blue sea of crashing white waves and lush green Palm trees of Venice beach spring in to sight.  

My short time spent beachside has got me thinking that perhaps I will remain seaside wherever I may move next.  Certainly I’ve always had a fondness for the seaside but always considered it more of a holiday treat and not something I’ve yearned for as a day to day scene. Perhaps things will now change.

That said this pondering of my favourite view in LA got me thinking about other special places and challenges my future living arrangements. Previously I was always quite certain I’d only live in Britain; although my fondness for many decorating and architectural styles would require frequent moves to accommodate the chance to explore all, or alternatively a crap load of money by which to have many an abode at once. Yet now the physical location of my imaginary future housing stock may indeed span continents, since there are things California for example can offer, that Britain can not and both of which provide total joy for the eyes and the soul.

Whilst California by combination of aesthetics and weather has the coastal life absolutely nailed in such a way that the UK climate prevents (other than for the mighty brave or truly mad), California can not do Countryside indeed nowhere outside of the U.K. can do countryside quite like Britain. 

I miss the lush greenness, the gently rolling hills and softly ambling curves of the rivers.  Winding roads welcomed through arches of trees, an abundance of picturesque buildings dotted across the landscape with stone walls and real hedgerows of wildlife and the music of birdsong.  The inescapable sights and sounds of home.  Where it is impossible to recall just one favourite view.  From the looming majesty of the Edinburgh skyline, the glory of Loch Lomond both on a sunny day and a stormy day, down through the winding wilds of the Lake District and the babbling river alongside Chesters cafe, the wiggly old streets of York, the dramatic Pembrokeshire Coastline recalled over a cuppa and a slice of cake at Aunty Vi’s Olde Worlde Cafe, flying on a boat across the waters to St Mawes in Cornwall (or looking back to shore over a cocktail at the Idle Rocks), searching for Trevor the Trout in the bright, clean River Test down in Stockbridge or simply wandering the streets of good old London Town soaking up hundreds of lifetimes of history.  And finally looking out from my bedroom window out over the garden so well created by Ma and Pa and on over the Welsh Mountains. 

Wherever you are take in what it offers and take it on with you.  Each and every place I go on my travels I want to take a piece of it home with me in my soul. 

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