La la Larry away

By a weird twist of fate I found myself on a plane flying into Los Angeles about three months ago.  Not a holiday as you may think but a long term move across the globe.  I’ve never been a girl with a goal, beyond aspiring to hope that by the time I clock off this planet to somewhere more spiritual, that some fine fellow might deem it appropriate to scribe the words ‘English Eccentric’ or failing that ‘Mad Woman’ amongst my epilogue or better still upon my headstone. So for me embarking on this adventure is not the achievement of any life goals set; I seem to recall in fact,as I flew over the dry mountains and ever expanding city of Angels for the first time, that the only words which sprang to mind were ‘what the hell have I done’.  However, I intend to use this unforeseen opportunity as a starting point.  A point from which to seek a plenitude of as yet unknown adventures. Here in this little blogarama I intend to capture the highs and lows of my new world perhaps mixed with some reminiscing of the home land of good old Blighty and the people there that I miss so much. 

I hope that you will delight in packing your metaphorical bags and joining me on this exploration, I for one will be having some laughs along the way, I can only hope you will do the same. 

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  1. Laz I love it!!!! You certainly look like Carrie from’ Sex and the City’ on your fabulous photos but now you are a writer like her too:) You made me laugh as if we are together but it made me teary as I miss you very much!! looking forward to the next blog!! xxx


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